Few names are missing from the lineage.

You may wanna look into adding a transfer student Bro. Don Clark. (Bro. F. Sinclair might now the specifics) and a Bro. John Adjavon (transfer from Wagner College,NYC) . I grew up with his I believe he was at LU during early '83-'84 (Bro. Orette Ferndinand has better info). Hope this helps out .

Bro. Bill, change is recognized.

Good Morning brothers, Bro. Bill, i wanted to let you know that I’ve seen your form for the MAB corrections, and will be updating later today. Thank you!

Subject line in Contact Form corrected!

Bro. TM, check out the subject line now, it should be updated to include text and not just numbers. Also to answer your question, I kind added both, like there is Mu chapter information as well as MAB. If bros vote to change it up, that change can be made as well.

What’s up bros!

Whats good MAB. Sending this message to let y’all see the blog for the bros testing the site. Let me know that y’all see this!


Blu Phi

Welcome Mu Chapter Brothers

Welcome to the Mu Chapter community brothers. This is where we can share memories, chat amongst each other, and share information whenever you please. This is similar to the yahoo group. For any questions, comments, or concerns, please direct them to the Webmaster. GOMAB brothers. #Mu4life