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Welcome to the official website of the Mu Alumni Board!

Please help MAB in raising funds for our Endowment Scholarship to Lincoln University. 

If you are interested in donating to help raise money for our Endowment Scholarship, please click the link below to donate now!


MAB Azikiwe/Nkrumah Endowment

We welcome you to The Mu Alumni Board website. Mu chapter was charted on the campus of the first degree granting HBCU, The Lincoln University in 1922. With our fraternity’s motto in mind we’ve produced many programs of cultural and educational values for more than nine decades. Each member of this chapter exemplifies the high ideals of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. as we look to provide leadership and love to the Lincoln Community.

 As you explore our website we hope to inspire you to become an agent of change and stand beside the brothers of Mu Chapter as we strive to create a “Culture For Service, and Service For Humanity.”

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Rest In Peace Bro. Lyle Ragler

With the utmost sadness we've learned our Dear Mu Chapter Brother

Lyle Ragler has passed away.

Bro. Ragler crossed in the Fall of '86 earning the name Ice-Man.

As we won't physically see him transition into the

Omega Chapter we will forever walk with us as we continue to advance our cause.

Brothers Spotlight

Bro. Darren Davis

Congratulations to Fall '03's Darren Davis for becoming a charter member for new Tau Chi Sigma Chapter In The Bronx, New York.
Bro. Davis is now in the company of many Mu chapter men who have gone on to become charter members and help widen the reach of Sigma.






Our brotherhood is something that is one of a kind. As we are an "inclusive we", we strive to be that helping hand, shoulder to lean on, and just be the brother to be there for the next man, in good times as well as bad times.

A principle we hold dear to us as we are an

organization that prides our self on having skillsets and knowledge that we can pass on to brothers near and far, as well as our communities that we serve.

A key principle that is important to us, and to our organization as a whole as with out service, we are not serving our communities to the best of our abilities. Phi Beta Sigma prides its self on being an asset for the general public through social action.

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